Commercial Landscaping

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Commercial jobs and settings for business enterprises differ in their briefs.  Resource consents, from small garages to large commercial enterprises have different rules, wants and needs. Formal rest home gardens with colourful displays and exotic planting are a joy to create and view, but are labour intensive.

We have been involved in creating the settings for Ryman Healthcare’s 21 villages from Whangarei to Invercargill, and our association with them goes back nearly 20 years.

Developments to meet council regulations can sometimes be a mind field of rules and regulations. We can help, and have been involved with the landscape of many different developments from, Dentist rooms, large retail complexes, sport stadiums, warehouses, industrial subdivisions, business parks and more. We can create a functional setting to enhance your business and property.

Retirement Village Gardens

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We are proud to have been associated with the design and planting of Ryman’s 21 Villages throughout New Zealand and their awards winning gardens, from Invercargill to Whangarei. Because of their wide range of climatic variations present throughout the country we are confident that we can create a garden in almost any terrain or area.

We also have experience in a wide range of amenities from; golf courses, tennis courts, bowling greens, pools, indoor plantings and large atriums.

Here are a few examples taken from a variety of villages.

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