Retirement Village Gardens

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We are proud to have been associated with the design and planting of Ryman’s 21 Villages throughout New Zealand and their awards winning gardens, from Invercargill to Whangarei. Because of their wide range of climatic variations present throughout the country we are confident that we can create a garden in almost any terrain or area.

We also have experience in a wide range of amenities from; golf courses, tennis courts, bowling greens, pools, indoor plantings and large atriums.

Here are a few examples taken from a variety of villages.

Ellerslie Flower Show

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Our Aims and Objectives to meet Ryman Healthcare’s “High Tea in the Garden” Brief were to: –

To create a garden that will utilize a more traditional style of exotic flowering plant species, set within a functional modern design. A courtyard garden for the show, that effectively utilizes a smaller garden space, now often required by clients.

There will be a balance between the old and the new.  A place to enjoy the ambience of a garden…. a quiet cup of tea, a meal, a chat, a drink in front of the fire with friends, a party.

A place to heighten the senses. To enjoy the fragrance, colour and texture of the various plantings. To listen to the babble of the fountains, enjoy the reflections in the ponds. To appreciate the soft lighting and relatively easy care elements of this modern design.

This can be seen as a garden for all seasons, but will have an added seasonal flair to reflect Ellerslie’s Autumn Season.

I think that these photos speak for themselves, showing lots of flowering plants, perennials, set within a modern courtyard design.

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