Hanmer Springs Holiday Home

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This little Hanmer Garden had no outside living or garden when I was first asked to plan for future enjoyment. It was exposed to the street. The brief was to screen off some of the area, especially outside the bedroom, whilst leaving the wider view open to Conical Hill. Plus the garden had to be easy care and fairly self sustainable, as it was a holiday home and Hanmer has extremes of temperature.

Now the Wisteria/Clematis well covers the small bedroom deck courtyard and trellis provides shelter from the sun and wind, and ‘L’ shaped seating gives a place to sit and enjoy some shade and privacy.

The Silver birches are now well grown, but their open habit and deciduous nature do not screen out valuable winter sun. The open wrought iron fence does not close in the section from view, but now keeps the grandchildren and dog contained.

The back area is not uninteresting too, and can be viewed from the rear window. A large urn flanked by two Weeping Silver Pears just adds to the charm.

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