Pond Construction

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A loader waits at the ready and the dog enjoys her bone on the barren dirt. There are lots of issues to be sorted out before the work can be started. But progress is being made. The old poplar shelter line which went through this pond had to be sprayed off continually as new growth appeared, and the so called pond, remained partially formed, but empty for 4 years.

But now the house next door is hardly visible, hidden by a series of overlapping mounds. The swallows’ dart back and forth over the shallow water. A Pukeko stalks its territory, while the bird feeder nestles well into the shrubbery. The island was a haven for nesting ducks and now is a Pukeko territory. But even the ducks are not keen to enjoy the pond in this weather!

A flat bottom boat nestles into the bank for the grandchildren to enjoy when they visit. The bridge spans the driveway and is flanked by the ‘bog’ garden. A fountain now plays in the little pond, by the arched bridge.

The pond now is a highlight to the journey to the front door. At night, soft lighting under the bridge gives the water and the bridge a special hue and the reflections in the pond on a still morning are awesome. The final plan visions have been achieved.

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