Pottager Gardens

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Raised gardens are a practical option for those who want to save their backs and enjoy the pleasure of growing your own vegetables.

The Amuri or Limestone chip paths frame the raised boxes and provide necessary access to pick those vegetables on a winter’s day or provide access for those tools and wheelbarrow.

Gone are the days of when the vegetable garden was hidden at the back of a site. These gardens can be planned, be practical and a visual asset too. Large herb urns or strawberry planters can be a focal point. Surrounding hedges i.e. feijoas, cranberries, rosemary, lavender and other herbs can also be productive in the own right.

A sustainable garden can be achieved. Glasshouse and compost bins can be included in the scheme. While standard forms e.g. topiary bay trees, box hedges, roses, and herbs can all enhance a formal design if required. Follow the trend and grow your own…

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